Welcome to our Rockin' H Ranch!


Rockin' H Ranch is located in Ardmore, OK and is home to Dale Hunt. Many of you already know Dale's passion for Longhorn cattle. For those who might not, let me fill you in!

At the age of 9 Dale began learning about cattle as he started helping his grandfather, Glen Evans. Glen had a rare eye condition and slowly lost his vision until he was blind. Dale became his grandfather's eyes and the two worked very well together as he learned about successful cattle operations.

Dale also had an interest in rodeo. He began learning to ride bulls and at the age of 13 he rode his first full-size bull. Dale's junior-high and high school years were spent traveling from rodeo to rodeo. All of his hard work paid off as he was awarded a college scholarship! Dale's rodeo career spanned over 20 years as he accomplished his dream. He became a professional bull rider in the PRCA during the last 3 years of his rodeo career!

Another dream of Dale's was to own beautiful Texas Longhorn Cattle. In 1988 Dale attended a longhorn sale looking to buy his first longhorn. This sale is where he met Colonel Eddie Wood who was one of the most knowledgeable auctioneers in the industry. It was not long before the two became great friends and Eddie became Dale's mentor. The two spent many years together in the longhorn world as Dale learned about the breed. He became Eddie's right-hand man,on the auction block, as Dale began reading pedigrees during the longhorn auctions.

Continuing his passion, Dale has proven himself in the industry. As founder of the Horn Showcase, and through many years of hard work, research, and dedication, Dale produces champions. He knows what it takes and has succeeded in winning the three most prestigious events in the industry: World Champion Haltered Class, World Champion Non-Haltered Class, and World Champion Horn Showcase. Dale once thought having a few longhorns would be nice, but he fell in love with the beautiful TEXAS LONGHORN breed and the saga continues!

If you are looking to start or add to your herd, Rockin' H Ranch is the place to come!